Sidewalk Art Gallery

The nucleus of this idea came from Easton, MD. Their implementation had the availability of cobra-head high-way style light poles - Madison does not. As a historic downtown, the cobra-head fixtures were replaced in the 70's with period lamp posts lower in height and more apropos for the quaint downtown setting. This fact, coupled with flower baskets already decorating the lamp-posts, the want to integrate a Sidewalk Art Gallery hinged on the advent of some other way to accomplish the task. Municipal endeavors make you think in new ways as the balance between heft in construction, easy of installation and length of life makes the design process to create something tasteful a puzzle in itself. My idea from the onset was to make the build affordable and utilize ubiquitous parts - mission accomplished. Thanks to some man-power from my friends at Madison DPW to set the footings in the paver sidewalk, the Gallery was off to the races. The auction at the end of the showing was inspiring and I was fortunate to bid and win on a favorite entry. Be on the look-out next year as the program grows and matures.