My mission is to unite common sense values with some original expression. The methods I gravitate towards apply provocative thought, design and unique viewpoints to bring creative solutions to life. 

My Story

My name is Craig Erezuma. Erezuma is a Basque name from that mountainous region in Spain. My parents are both third generation Argentinian’s who amazingly met here in New Jersey. That proudly makes me a first generation American and a New Jersey native.

Like many immigrants to this great country, my parents have a tireless drive and unquenchable thirst to better themselves and the people around them. As role models, qualities like these are what I believe in. The gifts of being mechanically inclined and seeing through to the beauty in things comes from my mother with the strong sense of striving towards a goal and working hard from my father.

Emigrating from Argentina meant a new language; for them and eventually for me. I was taught to be fluent in Spanish first and then learned English when I entered kindergarten. Kindergarten was the spark though as I met an architect during a school-wide ‘career day’ event and worked towards the goal of becoming an architect from that marked day. Adolescence had me move around this great country [Chicago & Boston] and I eventually returned to my roots entering into New Jersey Institute of Technology’s School of Architecture here in Newark; graduated and was the first in my class to become a licensed architect. That was all some years back now and my 'grey' now points me to the future.

Along the way I met my future bride and have since been blessed with a home and a loving family to fill it with. Life is a gift and bettering it by helping others, in any capacity, is the heart of my focus.


2013  'December Merchant of the Month' & here

2002 Warren County Cultural & Heritage Commission's Preservation Award