Seven Waverly

There is no known photograph of this structure when is was actively used as the Methodist church. What is known, though, is that to change the space into ground-floor retail with offices above after the church vacated to their new space at Drew University, the church was lifted in-place and a story was added to it. Having suffered through some years of neglect and mother nature's attacks of Irene & Sandy, there came a tipping point where facade work simply had to be done. The initial outlook, prior to my tenure with this handsome building, was to replace the vertical metal paneling with vinyl siding. I offered a different perspective on what could be done with similar dollar expenditures. This was enough to gain interest from the building owner. After a presentation to the Madison Historic Preservation Commission, that working meeting gained the HPC's unanimous approval which set the stage for the project to move forward. The rest is, as they say, history.