I think it would be illegal to name a place Great Diamond Island and not have it be spectacular. There's really nothing special about the soil or the water or the air, but there's definitely something special there. The Native American Indians called the essence of the wind but not the wind and the essence of the fire  but not the fire, 'Sila'. Well, let me tell you that good 'Sila' is all over GDI.

The puzzle here, of which I am enamored of puzzles of all kinds, was to make a relationship diagram which contained no less than three independent family units, all of whom have very different personalities and program needs, and have the house look and act like a single home.

Family, guests, cousins, sisters and friends are all taken care of. Just bring your own wine or beer and make sure to leave something as a token of appreciation. Sila just doesn't happen everywhere you know.